Travel Guide to Guatemala in 2 Weeks

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1st Stop: Flores

Where to stay: Green Monkey Hostel

What to do: 

- Isla de Flores (you can walk around the island for about 30 minutes)
- Tikal Maya Ruins (at sunrise or sunset)
- El Mirador (5-day trip)
- El Remate
- Sunset at Playa Santa Ana (you can sit down and wait for the sun to go down behind the palm trees whilst enjoying some street food)
- Lancha &/or Paddle Board (Free hour offered with your stay Green Monkey Hostel )

2nd Stop: Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey Swimming Pools
Where to stay: El Muro or Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin

What to do:
Day-Tour to Semuc Champey, read more here

Where to eat:
Shamol Restaurant for the most delicious traditional Guatemalan food and the cheapest (count QZ 20 for a filling plate, the restaurant is located on the main street of Lanquin, few meters away from El Muro . Ask reception if you need more details, plus don't come in too late, they tend to close around 8:30PM.

3rd Stop: Antigua

Probably the most colonial, colorful and touristy place in Guatemala but also the best vibe that will make you want to stay longer than planned. In Antigua you will know your way round pretty quickly. Streets work by blocks 5th and 6th avenues being the most popular. It is a city where you will feel very much like home. You can get your gym membership, laundry for QZ 6 a pound of clothes, free wifi in almost every coffee shop AND you're only 45 minutes away from Guatemala City!

Where to stay:
Jungle Party Hostel or Los Amigos

What to do: 

- Fruits & Veggies Market
- Second Hand Market
- Artisan Market
- La Merced Church (on Sundays, they have food stands in front of the Church, try the Pupusa (thick handmade tortilla filled with porc and with any toppings you want)
- Santa Catalina Arch
- Central Park (square in the heart of Antigua where all the life is: locals mixing with tourists, music and events)

Where to have a coffee (and FREE WIFI):
- Fat Cat House Cafe (Best Frappuccino in town)
- Bella Vista Cafe (Rooftop terrace with a view of Volcano Agua and the rest of Antigua)

Where to have a (cheap) drink:

- Travel Menu Bar


- La Bodegona

Treat yourself to: Earth Lodge

Earth lodge view over Agua Volcano
A few kilometers away from Antigua, up in the hills in the little village of El Hato, welcome to heaven! Whether you're on a budget or have extra money to treat yourself to a Tree House your experience will be very unique! The food is organic and super delicious and the view....oh the view...From dawn to sunset the volcano is a show itself. If you want to go down to Antigua for the day, you can use their own shuttle Qz 50 or venture out with the chicken bus QZ 4.95.

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Hike Volcano Acatenango

Looking for some adventure above the clouds with a view over an erupting volcan? Read more about the experience of a lifetime here

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4th Stop: Lake AtitLan

How to get there:
From Antigua to Panajachel by shuttle QZ 80, then a lancha for QZ 25 (small boat) to any of the other villages around the lake. 

Where to stay:
- Hospedaje Santo Domingo in Panajachel
- Eco-Hotel Mayachik in San Juan La Laguna

What to do:

- Panajachel
- Chichicastenango Artisan & Textile Market (Thurs & Sun - QZ 90 round trip)
- San Pedro La Laguna (most tourists, hotels & restaurants)
- San Juan La Laguna (no tourists, very eco-friendly vibe)
- San Marcos La Laguna (hippie / gypsy / spirituality vibe)
- 2-hour kayak from San Pedro to Santiago Atitlan

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Hope you enjoy Mayaland!

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