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I see you coming, Toronto? financial city of Canada, big buildings and men in suits, why would I go there? Well because if you look further this city has so much to offer for backpackers in deep search for some hipster'ness !

Coffee Shops

Granola Parfait and Americano at Early Bird Cafe on Queen Street West

1. Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar

Located at the heart of Toronto's Fashion District on Queen Street, just east of Bathurst, Early Bird Coffee is perfect for lunch break, interview, coffee break, web developers (Shopify office nearby), entrepreneurs and freelancers willing to work with lounge music in a chill atmosphere, fast & free wifi and very tasty coffee & food. Common table area, magazines (type Cereal Mag ), and single tables. Pssst...there is also a secret patio upstairs to soak up some sun!
Inside Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar at rush hour
What to order?
- Granola Parfait Yogurt (see photo above)
- Cappuccino with 1% milk
- Avocado on toast
- Black Americano
Open Hours: 7am - 6:30pm
613 Queen St W, Toronto
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2. Quantum Coffee

A very dynamic and friendly staff singing to the the rhythm of the music, everything to just make your day!
Peanut Butter Mocha - A Destination For Quality Coffee | @quantumcoffeeco
On your way back from running alongside Toronto waterfront and looking for a fix? You may "run" into Quantum Coffee at random or also plan your business meeting in the quantum workshop because this minimal design coffee place has all you need to spend some quality time. Free wifi, roasted coffee beans from Central and South America (beans for sale), the staff also is very dynamic and friendly staff singing to the the rhythm of the music, everything to just make your day! Oh...almost forgot the nicest part: a great view over the CN Tower!
What to order?
- Ginger Fireball
- Affogato
- Cold Brew
- Oatmeal Almond Blueberry Cookie
- Feta & Spinach Scone
Open Hours: Weekdays 7am – 7pm
Weekends 8am – 7pm
460 King St, Toronto
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Quantum Coffee Drinks Menu
Quantum Coffee on King Street in Downtown Toronto
Snacks available at Quantum Coffee Co | View Menu

3. Jimmy's Coffee

Jimmy's Cafe New Ice Teas | @jimmys_coffee
On your wait to Kensington Market you may want to stop by Jimmy's Coffee  for a Latte! Takeaway? No way! This place has the cutest patio to chill out with friends, read your newspaper whilst the sun is out! Friendly tattooed staff, there are different locations in town. 
Inside Jimmy's Coffee on Kensington Market
What to order:
- Latte
- Purple Haze Ice Tea
- Matcha Latte
Open Hours: 7am - 9pm
Instagram: @jimmys_coffee
Mobile App:
iOS & Android
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4. Arvo Coffee

'Old-school charm, character and soul' Sprudge
Trout on Toast at Arvo Coffee
You've decided to visit Distillery District in the morning and pretty much everything is closed besides this perfect coffee shop where you'll end up spending more time than expected. Why? Because the atmosphere is so pleasant you'll start with a black Americano and end up with a Trout on Toast and a chat with the owner, telling you all about the beans they're roasting at Arvo Coffee . Old-school charm with free wifi, inside and outside tables, a private booth to work in private and a great selection of coffee, teas, juices and a toast bar (OMG yes!).
Arvo Coffee in Distillery District
What to order:
- Avocado on toast
- Trout Toast
- Black Americano
Open Hours: Weekdays 7am – 7pm
Weekends 8am – 8pm
Instagram: @arvocoffee
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Things to do

- Toronto Waterfront (HTO Park, Harbour Center, Sugar Beach)
- Fashion District on Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue (Urban Outfitters, Fabrics Shop, Barbers, Organic Restaurants, Coffee Shops incl. Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar , Tattoo Shops etc)
- Graffiti Alley (Street Art)
- Chinatown (Cheap fruits and clothes and view over downtown TO and the CN tower)
- Kensington Market (Coffee shops incl. Jimmy's Coffee, Jamaican cuisine, Rasta Shops, Organic Restaurants, Vintage shops etc)
- St Lawrence Market (Bagels, fruits, meat, fish, souvenirs etc)
- Distillery District (Historic walking site with cafés incl. Arvo Coffee , restaurants, and shops housed within heritage buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
- City Hall + Toronto letters (walking back from distillery district towards Queen Street)
- The Front Street Foods Culinary Market (Food Trucks with Asian, Mexican, organic and fast food) on Adelaide Place
Toronto Waterfront, HTO Park with Sugar Beach and Kayaks Rental, View Map
Fashion District, Queen Street West & Spadina Avenue, View Map
Fashion District on Queen Street West & Spadina Avenue, View Map
Graffiti Alley Street Art, View Map
Graffiti Alley Street Art, View Map
Chinatown, View Map
Kensington Market Food & Clothing Shops gathering Army, Rasta & Gay community, View Map
Distillery District, View Map
Love Locks Distillery District, View Map
Front Street Foods Culinary Market on Adelaide Place

Restaurant & Bar

Gusto 101 Italian Restaurant

Gusto 101

How about a pitcher of Sangria, a Kale Salad and some Focaccia Bread?
Cavolo Caesar (Kale Salad)
Organic purple kale, shaved parmigiano, garlic croutons, crispy salami, avocado $14,99 CAN
Located on 101 Portland Street (Fashion District) Gusto 101 is an Italian Restaurant with very good taste in cuisine and design. Make sure to take a seat at their terrace when the sun is out to enjoy a pitcher of Sangria to share, the delicious and fresh Kale Salad with some Focaccia Bread! A Special THANK YOU to Kosan Travel for making me discover this spot and taking me out for lunch!
Inside Gusto 101, open from 11:30am to 11:30pm

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Gusto 101 on Portland Street

The Porch

Order a bucket of Piña Colada, Margarita or Bulldog for $15,95 CAN
The Porch Rooftop Bar with view over the CN Tower
Rooftop Bar downtown Toronto on 250 Adelaide Street, The Porch is surrounded by skyscrapers and the famous CN Tower. During Summer time it gets very busy in the afternoon and weekends to catch some rays and have some fun whilst listening to some old school rap. A food truck also serves some delicious burgers, poutine and tacos! A great time to relax after some shopping or sightseeing in the city! Great deal ahead: a bucket of piña colada, margarita or bulldog for $15,95 CAN only. Don't mind if I do! View Map
Buckets of Piña Colada | @theporchto

Walking Tour

Hibiscus & Nomada have teamed up with Walkli Travel to provide you with the best walking tour in the cities they've explored! Here is the complete Walking Tour Guide to Hipster Toronto walking you through all these places highlighted above! Click 'Send me this path' to receive it in your Mailbox with the full itinerary and the map with all info. 
Have a Fun time, Eh!

Marion Payen, Founder of Hibiscus & Nomada

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