Top 5 Best Beaches in Florida

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1. Clearwater Beach

Sunset from the beach
Where to watch the sunset? These are the best spots where you can see the sunset:

Note: if you want to opt for the cheapest way, stand by the beach, sit down and enjoy. The show is as beautiful!

2. Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island
Take a small boat from Dunedin towards Caladesi island. You need to pay for the entrance of the park but it's only a few bucks. Then spend an entire day in heaven. People usually bring their picnic and snorkel attire. There will not be many tourists even during peak season as it is not such a famous place, only locals will enjoy the calm and the sun. The sand is so white and the sea is so blue that you will not want to leave. Careful though as there is a curfew!
Florida is well-known for its long white sand beaches and its most beautiful sunsets. If you plan on stopping by, here is where you must go:

3. Miami

Miami South Beach
Change of scenery. Miami Beach is the play to be seen. Girls, Parties and Playboys, welcome to Bling Bling land! It's okay, it's just different! Miami Beach is famous for its hotels on Ocean Drive, as well as nightclubs at night. Open bars, Pub Crawls, Limousine.. Let the magic begin. During the day, either the party goes on or you will see group of young people relaxing and recovering. The beach has got many Lifeguard Towers too, quite a must-take selfie pic!

4. Key West

Sunset in Key West
From Miami, if you get to drive all the way down to the keys, I would advise start from the end with Key West. There you can see the famous end of the world.

5. Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park
Always finish with the best. This place is going to blow your mind! A hidden gem where you will find peace and happiness. Palm trees, blue sea and pelicans. This part of the Keys is absolutely breathtaking. My brother and I walked around by ourselves and could not get enough of it. Taking millions of pictures was not even close to the feeling we were experiencing. This is a place I recommend any traveller / backpacker to stop by. Even writing this now is giving me goosebumps...

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