Top 4 Places to Eat in Madrid

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Breakfast at Chocolateria San Ginés

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No this is not Breakfast at Tiffany's (you wish!) but how about churros, hot chocolate sauce, a fresh orange juice and coffee to start the weekend right on track? YES! Trust me, you'll thank me afterwards for this well-known place. The Chocolateria San Ginés is very famous since 1894 for serving the best churros in the capital, and you will quickly understand why! They are delicious! You can order two type, the thin or the thick ones. Sharing a portion for two with 2 orange juices and 2 black Americano coffees will only cost you 14€. The atmosphere is very nice and jazzy. On the wall you can spot all the pictures of the celebrities who came there, in black and white. The concept is simple: queue for 5 minutes (don't be scared at the queue it goes super fast!), order and pay at the till, get your receipt, wait to be seated and hand over your receipt. You're a few minutes away from heaven. Enjoy!

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What to order: 'Churros con chocolate para dos, zumos de naranja y dos americanos' spanish for all of what's on this picture!
Oh...did I mention it was open 365 days and 24 hours?!

Tapas at Mercado de San Miguel

Probably one of the main reasons why I'd go back to Madrid! 
Jamon Iberico at Mercado de San Miguel
Lively, vibrant, colorful, typical, welcome to Mercado San Miguel right in the center of Madrid, near Plaza Mayor (walking distance). I'd recommend you take a tour before stopping at the first stall. Why? Because there is so much choice you're gonna want to eat it all! Tapas, copas de vino, cheese, olives, cured ham, burgers, oysters, anything you want. But don't rush, order a couple of ones, sit down, chill, chat and relax then off to next round! Don't be surprised if you find yourself still there, couple of hours later ordering more food (and wine).

 Best one? The Mozzarella & Burrata Bar. Food porn guaranteed! 
You cannot leave the market before trying the famous "Jamon iberico"as well as the salchichones (see photo)
So much choice right? Don't be afraid to ask to try (with a smile), they will let you taste of one each olive before buying.
Vino Tinto at La Plaza near Mercado de San Miguel

Mistura Coffee & Ice Cream

Mistura Coffee shop & Ice cream
You've been wandering around Madrid. Puerta del Sol done, Royal Palace done, Plaza Mayor done, El Prado done, time for a coffee and ice cream break! Perfect place for it? Say hello to Mistura Handcrafted Ice cream !
This coffee shop is a proper candy crush! Sweet Tooth stay away from here you gonna want to have it all!

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Turrónis a Spanish specialty, especially around Christmas. It's made of Roasted almonds, egg whites, and raw honey. Delicioso! (scroll down for Spanish dictionary)
Great news! They also have a lounge downstairs with comfy seats and exotic plants. Just in case you wanted to chill, you know...

Rooftop Bar at Mercado San Anton

Rooftop Terrace Bar at Mercado San Anton
From Gran Via city center to Mercado San Anton, allow yourself a good 20 minute walk. 20 minutes??? Yes but is a pretty walk since you're gonna pass by the "Chueca" district and it's probably one of the cutest and more lively in Madrid. Lots of balconies with flowers, independent coffee shops, traditional yet trendy restaurants etc. 

Once you arrive at Mercado San Anton , go straight to the 2d floor then follow the sign "Rooftop restaurant" at the end. Then pass a glass door and take the stairs up to the outside area. Here you are!! Lounge music, smiley staff, a big bull standing (fake one don't worry!) and some nice and chill table and chairs with heating. What else do you need? Oh yes a drink, you need a drink!

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Alternative to the rooftop, the 2nd floor of Mercado San Anton offers a large selection of Food Stalls where you can get any sort of tapas.

Top Spanish words

Before you go, you may want to practice your Spanish a little bit. Might be useful when ordering at the restaurant! Here are the top things you need to know in Spanish when it comes to food and beverages.
Hello Hola
Goodbye Adios 
Please Por Favor
Thank you Gracias
You're welcome De nada
I'm very hungry Tengo mucho hambre  
To drink? Para beber?
Eat in or takeaway? Para comer or para llevar?
A glass of wine Una Copa de Vino
Red Tinto
White Blanco
One beer Una cerveza   
Vegetables Verduras
Fish Pescado
Meat Carne
Chicken Pollo
Porc Puerco
Beef Res
Good Bueno
Now Ahora  
Enjoy your meal Buen provecho
Delicious Delicioso
I like it Me gusta
The bill please La cuenta por favor
Go out Ir de fiesta  

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Buen Provecho!

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