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This is it, you’ve booked your ticket and decided to live the experience of backpacking in Vietnam, Canada or Australia but there is a lot of things you need to tick off that check list before you go. What backpack to buy? What should I pack? Do I need a visa? Do I need vaccines? Do I need to change money? Can I withdraw at any ATMs once I am there? Will I be charged some exchange rate fees? Too many questions you’re already panicking and thinking of giving up? No panic, let us help you with a big one: the best travel credit card for travelling abroad, gap year or backpackers.
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Hibiscus & Nomada have tested for you a revolutionary digital wallet with a credit card and an app included. It is called Revolut : The new fair way to instantly send and spend money globally.

How does it work?

SPEND - Use your RevolutCard™ to make purchases anywhere in the world, in over 120 currencies.
- Instantly transfer money in app or via SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Social Media.
- Avoid unnecessary banking fees. Exchange, Send or Spend money without the need for a bank.
When abroad you decide to pay with your bank credit card. The machine will give you the option to pay in your local currency at the daily exchange rate. You will obviously accept thinking it is best to pay in your bank account local currency. However if you had the Revolut card, you would press the “pay in local currency” and then your account will get charged cheaper than if you had pressed no local. The way it works is,,when using the RevolutCard ™ you will get the real exchange rate and spending in stores or online is always free. When you spend or use an ATM the card automatically converts your money into local currencies at the best available rates. You can therefore exchange money at the real exchange rate with no surprise fees when you spend or send money globally.
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When to use it

- Bank
- Travel
- Retail
- Online Shopping
- Contactless

How to get the card

- Download the app here for iOS and here for Android 
- Sign up and request a card to be send to you, they ship worldwide. It usually takes about a week to get to you.
- Top up from your bank account into Revolut in Euros, Dollars or Pounds.


- When withdrawing money or paying with RevolutCard™ , press “Credit”
- Do verify your personal details by giving them your passport and photo ID so that you do not have a threshold of transferring money between account. If you do not, you will only be able to transfer to Revolut £700 whereas if you do, the ceiling goes up to £25,000
- You can block the card via the app at any time
- They have online chat support for any queries. Their answer is super quick and friendly during working hours.
Happy Travels!

Marion Payen , Founder of Hibiscus & Nomada

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”


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