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You've booked a flight to Southern Hemisphere which implies a stop over in Hong Kong and you wonder if it is worth stepping out of the airport? The answer is YES! Hibiscus & Nomada have organised your 14 hours lay over in Hong Kong with all the essentials you must see for a full experience of the vibrant island of Hong Kong. Are you ready? Top chrono!
Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport

Check List

Before we start, let's sum up all you need to know prior to your arrival:
  1. You do not need a visa for HK if you stay less than 6 months. See entry requirements here 
  2. A valid passport and a completed arrival card, which is distributed by your airline before landing, or else, please pick up the card in the Immigration Hall. Read arrival procedures here
  3. Get some cash at any ATM in the airport - 1 HKD = 0.11 GBP, 0.13 USD and 0.12 EUR so to make things easy just divide any price by 10
  4. Pack an umbrella or a rain jacket, the weather is usually foggy and humid in the morning although clears up around midday
  5. Ask the tourist information kiosk for any map of the city but the only one you will really need in the MTR below
MTR Hong Kong Metro System Map

Airport Express Train to Hong Kong Central

After passing through customs, take the Airport express shuttle to Hong Kong Central station. 24 minutes $100 return. You cannot miss the kiosk where to purchase tickets, it is a central white desk in front of you at the international arrivals. There will also be free unlimited wifi available in the airport and in the shuttle (yes this is HK guys come on!) Stop at the final destination, Central HK.
Hong Kong Streets

Victoria Peak

Any tourist guides will tell you to grab the Peak Tram (HKD 32 one way) to get there but I think  you are going to like a little bit more of adventure and really discover the local culture by taking the Green Minibus 1 (cheaper HKD 10.2 and more picturesque). It is a bit of a mission to get out HK Central so don't give up and follow these steps: 
  1. At HK Central take elevator to Exit B2 (follow the signs)
  2. Get out of the station on Cotton Tree drive 
  3. Walk straight to Bay Murray Building on your right. It is a station where all the minibuses are. 
  4. Find the number 1. You will see locals queuing until the next bus arrives. Make sure you have the exact amount HKD 10.20 because the driver does not carry any change. These are minibuses so places are limited, if full, wait for the next one they come very often. View on Citymapper
Victoria Peak view over Hong Kong Harbour

Quarry Bay 

Colourful, noisy and busy this is how to describe this area of Hong Kong. It is a bit off the track and you may not see it within the top 10 things to do in any Hong Kong guide but I have to say this Hibiscus & Nomada's Travel Crush!

Victoria Harbour 

From Central Hong Kong to Tsim Sha Tsui, head towards the promenade through the Garden of Stars. This is what it looks like, a long walk by the sea front with the view over Hong Kong skyline.


Kowloon is the northern part of Hong Kong, on the mainland across Victoria Harbour. It is a vibrant neighbourhood where you can go shopping, have a drink, enjoy the oriental culture with the temples. It is the only part of HK where countryside and skyscrapers mix. Go the the Kowloon Parkto go see these flamingos!

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Ladies Market

Gifts, souvenirs, handbags & accessories, a veritable "Ali Baba's cave"!
Ladies Market, View Map

Symphony of Lights

Symphony of Lightsin Hong Kong Harbour. It is a daily show at 8pm performed by the towers of Central district. See it from the Star Ferry that connects Tsim Sha Tsui Pier to the Central Pier 7. It costs only HKD 2.4 during the week - one way, and HKD 3.5 during the weekends.

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Have fun!

Marion Payen
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