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When in London you're looking for an off-season escape to the beach? Brighton is the seaside destination you need! One hour away from the capital by train you will enjoy the seafront, the markets, the colourful and quirky houses, independent coffee shops and the one and only Brighton Pier. And because we know you're too busy looking for what to do in Brighton we've planned your agenda for the day already! Here is what's waiting for you...

10 AM - catch the Train

From London Victoria Station, take the Train to Brighton. Fastest train, two stops and one hour journey, all you need to book for an escape from the city! You can book your tickets in advance here or directly at the station for £27.10 off-peak return ticket. 

11 AM - Seafront walk

Once arrived, go straight to the seafront. It's only a 5-minute walk from the station! You will then see the pier on your left as well as all the terraces and restaurants, this is where most of Brighton's attractions are. If you go right you will see the British Airways i360  bar and restaurant.
Seafront with the British Airways i360 Tower
Try Seafood to go on the beach
Brighton Pier with theme park, restaurants and deck chairs to soak up the sun

12:30 PM - Lunch time

Of course you could try the famous fish and chips on Brighton Pier, or a delicious mince pie at the pub but trust us, that hidden gem restaurant (not so hidden) is worth a try! Located on the vibrant Prince Albert Street (5-minute walk from te pier) this vegetarian restaurant has the most attractive menu we have seen in a while. What we've tried is the Grilled haloumi, avocado and mango saladserved with baby leaves, wasabi roasted cashews and a mango dressing (£12.10). We added a basket of different bread (with olives, sourdough, wholemeal, seeds etc served with balsamic vinegar and a nuts chutney) for £3.95. Yes it tastes divine!

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Find them on Instagram @Foodforfriends
Coffee time in North Laine

2 PM - sightseeing

Royal Pavillon Gardens and its museum right downtown Brighton
Independent Coffee Shops & Street Art Graffitis in the laines

4 PM - Sunset

Watch the sunset from the beach and the seagulls flying around craving for fish

5 PM - Back to London

Time to head back to London with a return ticket to the city from Brighton train station, few blocks away from the pier. Another one hour back to Victoria Station. 
Have a nice day!

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