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Close your eyes and picture this:

Welcome to Hotel Moonlight, your room is number 404, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

- 'Oh yes actually, do you happen to know how to get to the metro station and what’s the best coffee shop in the neighbourhood?' Customer

- 'Ummmh I’m not sure…' Receptionist

Meehhhhh…. #failingatlife
Miami Hotel
Yes... because the hotel staff may not have been trained to becoming a local travel guide but a receptionist. And you cannot (at least I can’t) be bothered to google and open millions of tabs to find out where to get the best avocado on toast “near me”. Sorry Siri, but you don’t always know everything!
What did you say Siri?
Where to go for Diner? Ask Arrivedo Neighbourhood Guide
Don’t you think it would be cool to have a neighbourhood guide based on your hotel location where you get to find historic spots in the city, local food, trendy bars and parks? Because come on, how often have you managed to remember what a person told you when asking for directions? Turn right, walk two blocks, then turn left, keep going for one kilometer and turn right at the roundabout! Ugh...Story of my life! Anyways, no more stress when exploring a new city, I’ve discovered this new thing called Arrivedo . How cool is it to arrive in SF, jetlag from a 10-hour flight and find out on your phone that it’s Taco Tuesday and $5 Margaritas. Helllooooo?!
Taco Tuesday
Don’t you think it would be cool to have a neighbourhood guide based on your hotel location?
Margarita Cocktail
Now okay, you're gonna tell me, well I am actually not checking in for fun, I have a business trip to Bangkok hence why I'm staying at W Bangkok . I hear you, all you care about is money exchange and taxis nearby. Well jackpot! Arrivedo provides you with local guide as you check in with your hotel location. Booom here is your 'Travel Essentials ' including useful information about ATMs, Money Exchange and Banks. 
Tuk Tuk Taxi in Bangkok
Why trusting Arrivedo and not the big boys Airbnb or Tripadvisor ? Because this is all authentic and local experience other travelers have had in the past and are sharing with you to help the next customers. It also relates to a relationship between travelers and hotels because at the end of the day what any traveler is looking for is a home away. You know how you have your favorite bakery or brazilian restaurant at the end of your street back home? Well imagine getting that same feeling thousand miles away from your confort zone. What if I tell you that Arrivedo knows the best Pisco Pub Crawl in Lima , the favorite Handicrafts Shops in Mexico City  or the Must-go Museums in Medellin ? It's getting more and more interesting isn't it? 
Exploring a city meeting with the locals
You know how you have your favorite bakery or brazilian restaurant at the end of your street back home?

Arrivedo for Travelers

Looking for THE spots that no one else knows about? Would rather have a dark roasted coffee from that independent coffee shop than a Tim Hortons in downtown Toronto? Simply check in Arrivedo for Travelers and find out everything you should know: Museums, Coffee Shops, Malls, Bars & Restaurants etc. Note that the travel guides are written by the hotels themselves and rated by travelers like you on the relevancy and quality of the travel tips given. 

Get local tips from your hotel here .

Arrivedo for Hotels

Calling out all hotel managers struggling with online advertising and lack of reviews as well as no clue about SEO, CPA, PPC and some more. Arrivedo's new online platform gives a voice to hoteliers who organize a Neighbourhood Guide to attract travelers in the search for local experiences and to help guests get the most of their stay. It could help you build your reputation and increase your conversion rate of online bookings. Just saying… 

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Secret Spot in Toronto: Graffiti Alley!

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