5-Day Travel Itinerary in Santorini

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Wonder where to get some sun and rest on a budget? Santorini is the place to go when you book it in advance, it costs you nothing. Book a 5-day trip to Thira (also written Fira by locals) and stay in a 3 star hotel for peanuts. Either rent a car or take the local buses, Santorini  is quite small. The most adventurers will rend a quad or moto bike to explore the island.Where to stay? Thira (for the young travellers) or Oia (for the honey moon couples)

Stop 1: Thira

In Thira you will find most of the hotels (not all with a view but very close to the city center).

How to access:

By taxi 20€ or bus 2€ the airport is only 11kms away

Where to stay: 

Rena's Suites , best value for price with amazing rooms, swimming pool, lounge, breakfast and the nicest staff of the island!

Where to eat:

Naoussa Restaurant , everything on the menu was recommended to us by the owner of the hotel. We went for the typical Greek Salad and its Tzatziki with warm Pita bread and some chill white wine offered by the house. The incredible view over the bay and will keep you speechless. 

What to do:

Walk alongside the bay all the way up to the viewpoint of one of the blue roof church. The silence is king and the view amazing. you can walk all the way to the end of the island, Oia. Might come back by bus after that long trek!

Stop 2: Perissa & Red Beach

As per all the beaches of the island, Perissa's sand is from the volcano hence why it is black. Careful, as it gets warm during the day, the sand is pretty pretty pretty hot! It is quite surprising to see some black sand going through your feet but I guess you get used to it. If you dive into the sea the view of the valley is stunning. The legend says that whoever swims in this sea gets 25 years younger. Take the plunge!

Where to stay:

I recommend arriving there for lunch time and spend the day at Demilmar . What to drink: Ask for their mojito, you will not only drink one!

What to eat:

Their Tzatziki with pita bread was absolutely delicious. Yes I had a lot of this during my stay! On your way back, make a stop to Red Beach to see the redish volcano rock of the mountains.

Stop 3: Oia

What to do: 

Wander around the luxury and craftsmanship shops. You will see all the hotel's private pools and the luckiest ones getting a tan on their sunbed whilst looking at the incredible view. Oia has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Do not miss the time and I suggest you arrive a bit early to get the best spot as it gets quite busy.

Where to eat:

Kastro Restaurant , where the view is at its best. Breakfast, lunch or dinner there is no special time to be there. I could have stayed all day. Order their Bruschetta of olives, tomatoes and feta it's delicious.

Stop 4: Kamari

If you asked me to choose between Perissa Beach or Kamari Beach I would go for Perissa. Kamari is more quiet and family orientated. But if you are looking for a quiet day by the beach with your book and your corona, then off you go, plus it's only 1.80€ by local bus.

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Have a great stay!

Marion Payen , Founder of Hibiscus & Nomada

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